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Watch a VIDEO of Billy-Bob Teeth in ACTION!

See "HOW TO" custom fit your Billy-Bob Teeth!

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Billy Bob Teeth are super realistic teeth made  with the same acrylics used in making dentures.

Designed by a Dentist

One size fits all adults. HOW?
Our teeth are held in place with thermal beads you mold for a custom fit. 

This allows you to talk and fool anyone.

Back by popular demand, Lonesome Leroy is the darling of seasoned Billy Bobbers. Standing tall, proud and lonely out in a field of gums. You got it...what he can't chew he gums to death.

The solo player in the survival game. Also useful as a diet aid. How many calories can you suck up with Lonesome? Custom made for our customers only. Supply is limited. No fair trying to grab the market on this dude.

Custom beads ships with every set which you mold to give yerself a custom fit allowing you to talk, drink and fool absolutely everyone..

Make sure you pick up some Extra Thermal Bead sets below...we even got Buy 3 Get 1 Free on thems too!

Price: $12.99
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